Telecom Tower Technician 1 Exam Prep Course

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Duration 3.5 Hours

The objective of this TTT-I training is to prepare students for the NWSA’s tower technician certification by presenting the information as it relates to a regulation or industry-specific best practice.

This tower tech training module uses the Candidate Handbook provided by NWSA as a resource for the topics included. Upon completion, the student will be better prepared to take both the written and practical TTT-1 test.

Each chapter within this tower technical course will include a short chapter quiz. These quizzes are not graded and provide the student with feedback on their understanding of a particular topic. Once all chapters of the TTT-1 test have been completed, the student is able to take the full-length Practice Test.

To get the most from this course, complete the Pre-Test and review any questions you may have missed. Use the course content to improve your knowledge. Before taking the Final Exam, take the Pre-Test again and see if you have improved. The Final Exam is setup to mimic the actual T1 Exam. Once you start the Final Exam, you cannot exit out of the Exam or review the course content. You have two attempts on the Final Exam to Practice. Good luck!

The NWSA TTT-1 exam prep course includes the following topics:


Regulations and Standards

We discuss the differences between a regulation and a standard, identify the regulations and standards that apply to the Telecommunications Construction industry, and explain how they are used.

Hazard Awareness and PPE

This chapter introduces the Job Hazard Assessment form and process, and explains how to predict and identify hazards and their mitigating controls. An overview of Personal Protective Equipment is also included.

Fall Protection

This part of our tower technician training identifies the regulations and standards that apply to fall protection in the telecommunications industry.

Telecom Structures, Antennas, and Components

The student will learn about the types of structures used in the Telecom industry, the antennas they hold, and the components associated with these structures.

Basic Rigging

This chapter explores rigging terminology, equipment, safety factors, inspection, and knots for a Tower Technician 1 level of knowledge.

Capstan Hoist and Base Mounted Hoists

We explain what ia capstan hoist is, and how to use it in the telecommunications industry, as well as the various parts of a Base Mounted Hoist and their requirements per the standard. This chapter also discusses the requirements of a hoist operator.

Gin Poles

We provide a detailed look at the Gin Pole, including a description of the pole and definitions of its parts, explain what a capstan hoist is and how to use it in the telecommunications industry along with a description of best practices to use in operations.


This chapter explores the basic operations of a crane, what to expect when working around a crane, and a review of crane hand signals.

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