Telecom Tower Technician II Exam Prep Course

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Duration 3.5 Hours

At the conclusion of this Telecom Tower Technician 2 online course, the student will take an electronic-format TTT-II test, similar to the exam for the NWSA certification.

This tower tech training module uses the Candidate Handbook provided by NWSA as a resource for the topics included.

To get the most from this course, take the TTT-1 review quiz and review any questions you may have missed. Use the course content to improve your knowledge. The Final Exam is setup to mimic the actual T2 Exam. Once you start the Final Exam, you cannot exit the exam and you will not be able to review the course content. You have two attempts on the Final Exam to practice. Good luck!

The NWSA TTT-2 exam prep course includes the following topics:



This chapter states course objectives, scope, information about the tower certification, and links to the NWSA site.

Fall Protection and Rescue Plans

This chapter includes a reference to standards pertaining to fall protection, definition of rescuer requirements, information on an example of a Rescue Plan, and equipment and facilities inspection.

Scope of Work, Rigging Plans, & Demolition

This tower training chapter uses a set of construction drawings to familiarize the user with the format and identify how the information is used in the field, explains the levels of Rigging Plans, and includes an overview of demolition-related topics.

Structures, Components, Inspection & Maintenance

This chapter uses the TIA-222 standard as a reference point for various topics including structures, structural components, grounding, welding, maintenance, and inspection.

Antennas & Components

This chapter is an in-depth look at the installation of antennas and components on telecom structures.

Rigging & Lifting

This chapter examines machines and equipment used for lifting with a particular focus on lifting personnel.

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