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Say hello to a tool that not only simplifies the construction plan process but also fosters real-time collaboration between the office, the field, and engineers. CPC is the ultimate solution you’ve been searching for!

CPC is designed with an intuitive interface that guides you through the entire process of creating construction plans. With simple and pointed prompts, you’ll breeze through the process like a pro. It’s like having a personal guide every step of the way!

With CPC, you can archive plans for the life of your account. So go ahead, cherish your hard work and keep it safe for future reference. It’s like creating a time capsule for your construction plans!

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Versatile CPC Rigging Configurations

Choose from four rigging configurations: Crown Block with Straight Tag, Self-trolley System, Crown-Heel Blocks with Straight Tag, or Dedicated Trolley. Add unlimited rigging schemes to your plan and tackle multiple configurations effortlessly. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your lifting needs!

Build Compliance,

Boost Efficiency.

Elevate Your Construction Plan Game with CPC.

Compliant with ANSI/ASSP A10.48

Construction Plan Creator

Create construction plans that are filled out in the pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases of work. Begin your construction plan journey in the office, and seamlessly adapt on-site.

Rigging Configurations

Create a construction plan that incorporates multiple lifts in various configurations. Check the crown and heel block attachment to the tower. Duplicate plans to use on similar projects

Improve Your Process & Safety

With this system, it is easy to identify who made the change to a construction plan therefore increasing accountability. Reuse plans on similar projects & check for errors in your plans.

Unlock Flexibility with Floating Licenses

Discover the convenience of our floating license model! Easily add users and pay only for simultaneous access, using resources effectively.

Multiple User Roles:

Explore a system where each role matters! Managers, Qualified Persons, Competent Riggers, Engineers – all have unique roles. Our site guides you based on your plan. Simplify your responsibilities effortlessly!

Track Changes Easily with Versioning

Our versioning feature simplifies change tracking. Each user’s edits create a new version, and you can revert to previous ones whenever necessary. It’s like having a data time machine!

Work Anywhere with Mobile Version

Enjoy seamless productivity on-the-go! Our platform is fully mobile-responsive, ensuring you can confidently use the app whether in the office or field. Stay productive wherever you are!

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