Duration 6 hours

This online training course will cover in detail the topics outlined in the ASSP A10.48 and TIA 322 standard as pertinent for individuals working at this level in the industry.
While many in the industry are familiar with these topics through on-the-job training, this course will supplement their existing knowledge with direct reference to regulations and industry standards.

Course chapters include:
Regulations and Standards
Rigging Plan Parameters
Rigging Components
Gin Poles
Hoists and Cranes
Rigging Plan Details and Exercises
The objective of the course is to ensure as a Competent Rigger you have the knowledge and understanding to calculate all construction rigging forces, complete all types of rigging plans, and have rigging terminology to communicate with a Qualified Person or Qualified Engineer.

This course assumes the student possesses prior Rigging knowledge; it is recommended that students taking this course have documented previous rigging training and three years of on-the-job experience. At a minimum, the student should be familiar with all topics covered in the eSystem’s online rigging course “Basic Rigging Principles.”