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towereSystem Training Solutions has created a training program that seeks to offer the most complete, easy to manage,and effective training options possible for our customers. With that goal in mind, eSystem Training Solutions has created several Online courses. The online courses work together to deliver a training program to our customers that maximizes their training dollars while offering them the most comprehensive training coverage possible. Our online courses are meant to be used by our customers as part of a larger, managed, in-house training program. The intent of the online courses is to give new workers, or workers who have had no official training, the basics to recognize the hazards that may occur on the job and build a foundation of knowledge for future classroom training. It is our belief that online training should be a prerequisite to classroom training to prepare the student for better comprehension of the material they are being taught. It must be noted that for many of the online topics the employer is responsible for providing additional documented practical training for the trainee.

Online Training Courses

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  • Base Mounted Hoists – Their design and use

    There are many different types of hoisting mechanisms used in various industries; this course is specific to the telecommunications industry and uses the A10.48 standard as the foundation for the… Read more

    Basic Capstan Hoist Principles

    The Capstan Hoist has become one of the main tools used for lifting material while working on Communications Structures. There are many types and designs of Capstan hoists that will… Read more

    Basic Gin Pole Principles

    The Gin Pole course is a clarification of the TIA-PN-4860 Gin Pole standard for “Design and Use” as referenced by the OSHA Directive CPL 2-1.36. In this course you will… Read more
  • Basic Principles of Aerial Lifts

    The goal of this course is to provide operators of an Aerial Lift with a basic understanding of how the unit is designed and how it performs. The course includes… Read more

    Basic Rigging Principles

    The Basic Rigging Principles course is for individuals who are working with synthetic rope and slings while lifting light to medium loads. Some of the chapters that are covered in this… Read more

    Competent Climber Refresher

    The current industry standards state that Competent Climbers shall be evaluated once a year and have updated training every two years to stay current with new regulations, equipment and work… Read more
  • Crane Spotter and Signal Person Principles

    This course will cover the industry-recognized regulations and standards; the 2010 OSHA regulations for individuals giving hand signals and for spotters; and a basic overview of how a crane operates… Read more

    Fundamentals of RF Radiation

    This course is geared towards individuals working in close proximity to RF sources and exposed to radiation in their work. The goal of this course is to take a topic… Read more

    Hazard Communications

    OSHA’s Hazard Communications Standard was recently revised in an effort to bring the U.S. into alignment with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. With this change… Read more
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Typical Site Hazards

    This short course introduces the student to various types of Personal Protective Equipment and the hazards that are commonly encountered on a construction site.  Some of the topics covered in… Read more

    Telecom Tower Technician I Exam Prep Course

    The objective of this course is to prepare students for the NWSA’s TTT-I exam by presenting the information as it relates to a regulation or industry specific best practice. While… Read more

    The Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) Process

    The intent of the Job Hazard Assessment course is to train workers: to predict hazards from a scope of work; recognize hazards typically associated with a type of job site;… Read more

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